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“One of the most intelligent and  talented individuals I’ve worked with during my 20 year career.  Mark’s vast experience and comprehensive structural engineering knowledge have proved invaluable on countless design projects on which we have collaborated. As an Architect, finding a Structural Engineer who is not only open to a challenge but actually energized by one is an incredibly desirable trait and thru his intellect and work ethic Mark has repeatedly found a way to make even our most challenging designs a reality. I gladly offer him my highest professional recommendation.”
- Michael Karr, Architect, Owner, North 45 Architecture


"K&M Structural Engineering (KMSE) is a very important part of our company: Construction Design, Inc. (CDI). Mark and I work closely together on most of the design projects created at our design/build firm. Since CDI completes projects throughout the country, having K&M Structural Engineering as part of our team is helpful for Mark is licensed in multiple states. 

We would not be complete without KMSE and understand the importance to develop the perfect team. We look forward to a long and exciting relationship."

- Ed Kriskywicz, Owner, CDI

Testimonials: Testimonials
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